SmartSoy was specifically developed to be estrogen free.  This is a major breakthrough in plant protein

technology.   It is truly the smartest soy protein on the planet.  Miracle Foods is the only plant protein

manufacturer that uses SmartSoy.  Most other plant protein products, and meat itself contain estrogen.


Unfortunately, there are numerous reported health risks related to estrogen.  Estrogen problems put

men, women and children at risk.     Miracle Foods has the only meat alternative products on the market

that are exclusively made with SmartSoy.  Every Vegan and Vegetarian product and entree that we make

is made with love from SmartSoy.

A lot of popular animal feed products contain plant based estrogen called "phytoestrogens."  When fed

to livestock the phytoestrogen in animal feed tends to accumulate in the flesh and tissues of the cows,

pigs and chickens that eat this feed. Compound this with the estrogen hormone already found in

animals and you create a dangerous overload of the estrogen hormone in livestock.  Thus, most US beef,

ham and chicken products in your local grocery stores often contains far too much estrogen.  

By using our Miracle Foods natural proprietary process, these estrogen and phytoestrogen hormones

are safely removed from our "very smart" soy products - resulting in our unique SmartSoy Protein.

Most of the wheat and soy products used in popular plant protein products - that are not made by

Miracle Foods - also contain estrogen.   So, if you're trying to avoid estrogen by eliminating meat from

your diet, you need to be buying your plant protein from Miracle Foods.

Our Miracle Food nuggets and entrees are also GMO and Pesticide Free.  In addition, all of our SmartSoy

mock Chicken, Fish and Ham products are Vegan friendly.  And, our tasty entrees are either Vegan

friendly of Vegetarian friendly.

SmartSoy is the first, and only, Soy Protein that is Estrogen Free, GMO Free, Vegan Friendly, Organic,

Egg Free and Meat Free.   Because of this, SmartSoy is Beyond, Beyond!

SmartSoy is the future of soy protein meat alternatives and it's here now on your favorite grocery store

shelf and available directly from Miracle Foods - if your grocery store, or health food store, does not yet

carry it encourage them to do so.   It is the ideal "smart" protein for healthy and delicious meals that can

also help promote a Non-Violent culture.

It only takes one bite to change your life (tm)

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