The Health Problems with Meat

Meat and the Evolution of Very Bad Habits

At one time, hundreds of years ago, most livestock ranged free across the great plains and the farm lands and fed mostly on healthy, pesticide free, GMO free, estrogen free organic plants and grains.  The end result was healthy livestock.  And even for the humans that ate meat, it was a reasonably healthy life style.

Sadly, as our culture has evolved, it has developed some very unhealthy farming and ranching habits.

Many, if not most, of the farms in North America grow potentially dangerous "genetically modified" grains and livestock feed that is sprayed with nasty pesticides.   Moreover, most of common livestock grains including Soy and Wheat are loaded with plant phyotoestrogens.  The end result is meat that is no longer healthy.

Besides the potential presence of genetically modified organisms and pesticide, the estrogen hormone is also present in all commercially raised livestock.  Unfortunately, for men, women and children there are numerous reported health risks related to estrogen, pesticides and genetically modified organisms.


A lot of popular animal feed products also contain plant based estrogen called "phytoestrogens."  When fed to livestock the phytoestrogen in animal feed tends to accumulate in the flesh and tissues of the cows, pigs and chickens that eat this feed.   The addition of animal feed phytoestrogens tend to create a dangerous overload of the estrogen hormone in livestock.  Thus, most US beef, ham and chicken  products in your local grocery stores often contain far too much estrogen.

Quite simply, the estrogen problems in many if not most commercial meat products put men, women and children at risk for a very wide variety of health problems.  These reported "at risk" problems include obesity, hormone imbalance,  infertility, female menstrual problems, fatigue, emotional imbalance, increased risks of diabetes, increased risks of heart problems and much more.


By using our Miracle Foods natural proprietary process, these estrogen and phytoestrogen hormones are safely removed from our "very smart" soy products - resulting in our unique SmartSoy Protein which is also based on GMO Free, Organic, Meat Free and Egg Free grains.  In stark contrast, Miracle Foods has the only meat alternative products on the market that are exclusively made with SmartSoy.  SmartSoy was specifically developed to be estrogen free.  This is a major breakthrough in plant protein technology.   It is truly the smartest soy protein and meat alternative protein on the planet.


SmartSoy is the first, and only, Soy Protein that is Estrogen Free, GMO Free, Vegan Friendly, Organic, Egg Free and Meat Free.   Because of this, SmartSoy is Beyond, Beyond!

Commercially Raised Meat
Often creates numerous potential health risks
Hormone Imbalance, infertility, estrogen dominance, obesity, fatigue, menstral problems, increased risk for diabetes and heart disease?
It only takes one bite to change your life (tm)

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