Kentucky Battered

Popcorn Chick'en

       Proudly Made From:

  • Vegan Ingredients

  • Organic Ingredients

  • Non GMO Soy

  • Estrogen Free Smart Soy

Absolutely Delicious

Dip'em or Dunk'em in your favorite hot sauce, barbecue sauce, sweet mustard sauce, ranch dressing or buffalo sauce.   Or, if you're in a hurry, let's wrap this up!  Mmm, Mmm good.


Our Kentucky Battered Chicken Nuggets are made with our special Smart Soy Protein.   Smart Soy is not only estrogen free, GMO free and a great source of vegan protein - but Smart Soy has an amazing texture.  The Smart Soy Chicken texture is so good, that you just can't stop with a single nugget or two.


Our Kentucky Battered Chicken Nuggets are the perfect compliment to a backyard barbeque party, or a great snack while you're watching a movie.

Currently, NOT a Retail Product.  Available ONLY for Foodservice.  
For Ingredients, nutrition information and shelf life, please contact us.

It only takes one bite to change your life (tm)

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