"La scoperta di un piatto nuovo è più preziosa per il genere umano che la scoperta di una nuova stella."

(The discovery of a new dish is more precious to human beings than the discovery of a new star.)

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Chicken Alfredo

Proudly Made From:

Vegetarian Ingredients

Organic Ingredients

Egg Free and Meat Free

Non GMO Soy

Estrogen Free Smart Soy

Fast -- but Fine Dining

When you've got somene special to impress (including you) but you don't have the time or the ingredients or the skill to do it - just reach into the fridge and pull out one of our most popular entrees.  


Our Vegetarian Friendly Chicken Alfredo will impress the most discerning Italians that you know.  So, roll out the red carpet, glab a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy the food and the complements.


Our Vegan Chicken is made with our special Smart Soy Protein.   Smart Soy is not only estrogen free, GMO free, egg free, and a great source of vegan protein - but Smart Soy has an amazing texture.  The Smart Soy Chicken texture is so good, that your friends may never want to eat meat again. 


Fettuccine noodles (wheat based), Vegan "Chicken" Nuggets (textured SmartSoy protein, water, smartsoy protein concentrate, wheat, salt, and natural flavorings), broccoli, vegetarian Alfredo sauce (milk, Parmesan and Romano cheese, basil), blended veggie oil and other natural herbs and spices.

It only takes one bite to change your life (tm)

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