Animal Feed Problems

Cruel, Unsanitary Conditions and Questionable Ingredients

Unhappy animals living in fear and unsanitary conditions and eating animal feed potentially laced with "genetically modified organisms," pesticides, antibiotics, artificial fillers and phytoestrogens produce meat is most likely nowhere near as safe to eat as most consumers think it is.  It could be downright dangerous.

In fact, most knowledgable nutritionists and vegetarians refer to this type of meat as Junk Food.  The reported potential, serious health risks are just too numerous to mention.

Eating meat also raises your risk of consuming not only an overload of these “phytoestrogens” but other growth hormones, bacteria, antibiotics, dioxins, and other toxins that can cause serious health problems.

It's no wonder that so many meat inspectors become vegetarians!

Many, if not most, of the farms in North America grow potentially dangerous "genetically modified" grains and livestock feed that is sprayed with nasty pesticides.   Moreover, most of common livestock grains including Soy and Wheat are loaded with plant phyotoestrogens.

The end result is an unhealthy source of protein.

Commercially Livestock Feed
Often creates numerous potential health risks
Hormone Imbalance, infertility, estrogen dominance, obesity, fatigue, menstral problems, increased risk for diabetes and heart disease?
It only takes one bite to change your life (tm)

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