About Miracle Foods

Moving Beyond unhealthy meat, wheat and soy with Smart Soy Plant Protein
Our Mission


As healthy non-violent vegans living in an unhealthy world of food related diseases and violent behavior towards the planet, the animals and our fellow humans, we wanted to do something very special to promote healthier living and a more non-violent culture.


After years of scientific research, lab tests and thinking out of the box we were able to create the ideal plant protein:  "SmartSoy".


SmartSoy is the first, and only, really smart Soy Protein that is Estrogen Free, GMO free, Vegan Friendly, Organic, Egg Free and Meat Free.


Because of these qualities, SmartSoy is Beyond Beyond.  


SmartSoy is Beyond Wheat, Meat and Soy protein.


It is the ideal plant protein for Food Safety, Healthy Diets, Delicious Meals and to help promote a Non-Violent Culture.

It only takes one bite to change your life (tm)

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