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Estrogen Free Smart Soy

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Our SmartSoy products are hand-crafted, hand-cut, and freshly hand-packed because you and your family deserve PREMIUM, High-Quality, Healthy Foods.

The Miracle Foods Promise


Our promise to you is to create natural, wholesome and delicious food products that are created using Plants-based ingredients.  


We only use Smart Soy and other natural ingredients because we care about the long term health and viability of our planet, our customers and our families.  


Vegan, Non-Violent food         Made with Love...

Our breakthrough Smart Soy is Beyond Wheat, Meat and Soy Protein

SmartSoy Protein is the only soy product on the market that is Estrogen Free

Check out our tasty foods and meal ideas........

Dip'em or Dunk'em in your favorite barbecue sauce, ranch dressing or buffalo sauce.   Mmm, Mmm good.


Spice it up with our tasty wings.

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Miracle Wings

Mouth watering Smart Soy Chicken Nuggets with Fettuccine, broccoli, vegetarian Alfredo sauce, and other natural herbs and spices.  What a perfect meal.

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Vegetarian Chicken
Fettuccini Alfredo with Broccoli

Hamm - It tastes so unbelievably good and realistic that it needed an extra "m."  Perfect in sandwiches, wraps, caseroles, quiche, omelets and breakfast scrambles.

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Miracle Smoked Hamm Cutz

When you just have to have a great breakfast.  Vegan: potatoes, onions, tasty Smart Soy "Hamm", red and green peppers and natural spices.  Where's  my coffee?

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Vegan Hamm Hash Skillet
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It tastes soooooo good.  Delicious paired with wild rice and veggies, your favorite pasta, baked potatoes, a tossed salad or even with a little tarer sauce.

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Miracle Chick'en Nuggets

Another very tasty Vegan Friendly entree that you'll fall in love with. Smart Soy Chicken Nuggets, lots of veggies, natural herbs and spices and a great sweet and sour sauce.

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Vegan Sweet and Sour
Chick'en StirFry

Let's Spice it up.  Kick it up a notch or two with our party perfect zesty chicken nuggets. Inspired by our favorite chef.  Terrific with rice and veggies or on a sandwich.

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Miracle Fish Nuggets

Rice, Black Beans, Vegan "Chicken" Nuggets, green onions, red adn green peppers, garlic, veggies, herbs and natural delicious Louisiana Spices.  Heat and Serve!

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Spicy Vegetarian Louisiana
Chick'en, Black Beans and Rice

More delicious lunch and dinner heat-and-serve meal entrees are coming soon, including a new line of gluten free meals and additional Smart Soy products.

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More Vegetarian Entrees 
It only takes one bite to change your life (tm)

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